December 15 - 2009. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar have brought the Gulf Monetary Union into effect with the ultimate intention of having a single gulf currency. The UAE and Oman are expected to follow in time.

Mid-2008, in Dubai, at a conference organised by ITP in association with Arabian Banking and Finance, international experts in the field discussed the issues and the necessary steps. Economic convergence, pegging options and concerted foreign policy were all covered. plavix online

Also discussed were the communications challenges facing the participating governments - how they will ensure that people in the street understand the ultimate benefit of a stronger economic block and how the changes will affect the money in their pockets at the end of each working month. Part of this crucial communications process must necessarily address emotional and practical issues - national pride, symbology, the name of the currency as well as how it will be used on bank notes and coins.

As believers in managing this process, we have provided the new currency sign as a Gift to the Gulf. The new symbol for the Gulf Currency is simple and easy to remember. With the symbol already done, it will be easier to make this ambition become a reality successfully. Who are we? INCIDE. The same strategy consulting and branding company that developed and registered a unique symbol for the single global currency almost ten years ago. It's good to think ahead, isn't it?

Let's think ahead some more. What do you think the name for the new Gulf Currency should be? Click here to enter >>>

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